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From Jeju With Love

So I was planning to go to Jeju next year (I really hope it will push through, *fingers crossed*) and while talking with my friends about our plan to invade Jeju-do Island, we came across this bus called Jeju Golden Bus which takes you around the city of Jeju. Then, immediately, a plot formed in my head. I wouldn’t divulge it yet but I’d like to give you a tease on what it’s about in a photo.


I’d like to write this story after I come back from my (future) trip to Jeju. But for now, Ima just try to create an outline of the story. So, I am now excited for two things: traveling to Jeju and writing this story.

Credits to en.jejugoldenbus.com for the graphics I used in this photo teaser.




So, what can you say?

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