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Welcome To My Website!

I’ve been planning of putting up a website for Heart Yngrid (that’s my author name) eons ago. You know, get my own domain, put infos about all my books there so people who read my books will just visit and browse, And also, put some stuff about myself for those who are interested to get to know the person behind the romance novels they read (if you haven’t seen me on facebook, I guess). But my life had been busy for the past few years and I barely had time to put up everything together all by myself. Also, my knowledge in website building was already outdated.

But one day, a friend (Adri) offered help to build my website and even web hosting for free! I, finally, had the guts to buy/register my own domain name and  gather all my books’ (yes, all 90 of them) infos, photos and some other stuff I wanted to include in this website.

So, welcome to Heart Yngrid’s website! Thanks for visiting! Feel free to post book reviews and comments. I would love to hear from you. I hope you visit this site again to see how this improves bit by bit.

Have a nice day! 🙂

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