Mini-series Won Aklat Awards

Last December 17 at the Aklat Awards, Shakespearean Tales and A Love Revenge trilogy has won the Most Favorite Mini-series award. Thank you so much to those who had nominated and voted for that trilogy!

SCU Reprints

St. Catherine University is now reprinted with it’s brand new cover! The following titles are now available: #1 Gemme, The Cheerleader #2 Vee, The Pretty Witch #4 Starr, The Bratinella #5 Claudette, The Queen Bee Please do grab a copy and watch out for more titles.

New Reprints!

New reprints for the following titles will be available in Precious Pages branches tomorrow (June 9, 2016): Ikaw, Ako At Ang Ating Forever (256 pages, 85 php) Diary Of A Broken Heart (256 pages, 85 php)

Happy 10th Anniversary, Heart Yngrid!

Somewhere in May 2006, na-publish ang kauna-unahang nobela ko under PHR. Unfortunately, hindi ko na maalala ang exact date ng kung kailan na-publish ang unang nobela ko bilang si Heart Yngrid. Kaya cine-celebrate ko na lang ang anniversary ko sa PHR ng isang buong buwan ng Mayo. 😀 So, yes, 2016 na kaya sampung taon…

10 Advance Copies, Signed.

Done signing ten advance copies for the first ten online buyers. For those who still want to order an advance copy online, click HERE. #ASexyKindOfLove

Want A Signed Copy?

Want an advance copy? How about a signed copy? What if you can have both? Click HERE to buy: