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Campus Girls Series Book 2: Ms. [Im]Perfect

Everyone thinks I am perfect. Guys want me. Girls want to be me. Little did they know, I had three major flaws that nobody had ever discovered. Until someone had.

Charlotte Agoncillo was De La Real University’s “Ms. Perfect.” Lahat na yata ay nasa kanya. She was the unbeatable Campus Queen titleholder, the student council president, and a consistent dean’s lister. She belonged to a wealthy and reputable family. On top of that, she also had a great personality. 

But what people did not know was that she was not perfect at all. Mayroon siyang major flaws na pinakatago-tago at walang nakapapansin dahil sa kanyang projected image. She was enjoying being “perfect” in the eyes of everyone around her until someone accidentally discovered her hidden imperfections. At si Axel pa, of all people!

Axel was notorious in school for his mischievousness and devil-may-care attitude. Ngayong may hawak ito laban sa kanya, gusto siyang pasunurin at paglaruan nito. 

“You want to stay perfect? Then be useful to me, and I’ll zip my lips.”

She could not believe that the image she had been protecting for so long would be at the mercy of this handsome rascal!

Date Published: October 18, 2022




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