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Campus Girls Series Book 1: In Love With A Psychopath Girl

They say I am a psychopath. And I let people think that way so they’d be scared of me and leave me alone. I did not realize how much I longed for someone who would see the real me until this guy came along and made me open up my heart to him.

Vanna Salgado was a rumored psychopath. Pinangingilagan siya ng mga kapwa estudyante sa De La Real University dahil sa kanyang scary image. Pinanindigan na lang niya ang pagiging “heartless witch” para ilayo at protektahan ang sarili sa mga tao sa paligid.

Deep inside, she was harmless and perfectly normal. But she was also very lonely.

Vanna was ready to be alone and lonely forever until she met someone who threatened to disturb her solitary life. Wilson was not scared of her at all. Habang ang iba ay hinuhusgahan at kinatatakutan siya, ito ay gusto pa yatang ipagsiksikan ang sarili sa kanya. Maybe because he was dense. Not only was Wilson silly, but he was also self-absorbed and stubborn as a mule. He was very hot, though.

“I will make you fall in love with me,” confident na sabi ni Wilson kay Vanna.
“I am incapable of love. I’m a psychopath, remember?”
“You are not a psychopath. And you will fall in love with me.”

She only planned to play along with Wilson because she enjoyed his company. Hindi naman akalain ni Vanna na mai-in love talaga siya rito.

Date Published: February 25, 2022



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