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Hello everyone! This is Heart Yngrid. Welcome to my website! Feel free to browse the site, drop comments, write book reviews, and testimonials for me. I would love to hear from you. 🙂 Also, if you wish to be notified about the latest posts and updates in this site, please use the subscription form on the sidebar. Thank you!

Now, let me introduce myself. Some know me as one of the romance authors from Precious Hearts Romances. Some know me as the author of St. Catherine University series. Some know me for my Drop-dead Playboys series. But most of them do not know the person behind the pseudonym. I am also a normal person (or abnormal sometimes, lol) who also has dreams, fantasies, weird thoughts, failures, and flaws. But here are some of the random stuff I’d like to share about myself.

  • I was born on the 28th day of March.
  • My family calls me “Leng,” my old friends and classmates call me “Rhine,” some of my friends call me “Ayi,” and my readers and workmates call me “Heart.” But actually, my real name is Irene.
  • I have myopia (nearsightedness) so I wear eyeglasses which make me look dorky. I wear contact lenses sometimes.
  • Singing, sketching/drawing, and web designing are among my underdeveloped talents (haha!).
  • I love traveling and sightseeing. I love communing with nature.
  • I have a very poor sense of direction.
  • I love drinking herbal teas.
  • l love watching Koreanovelas or K-dramas.
  • I have a pet dog named Jacko. He’s a shih tzu, born on the 2nd of June, 2013 and he’s a super spoiled brat.
  • I was a teacher, which is ironic because I was a lazy student.
  • I am two-faced: one is stern and one is goofy.
  • My first romance novel was published in 1999. In 2005, I wrote for My Special Valentine. My first PHR novel was published in 2006. To know the full story of my struggles as a writer before I become Heart Yngrid, buy the 25 Most Precious coffee-table book.
  • One of my novels was adapted into manga/comics. See the Black Ink page under Books section to know more.
  • Two of my novels have been adapted for television on abs-cbn. See the Television page under the Multimedia section to know more.
  • My novel “Tipsy In Love” has won The Wattys 2018.
  • I have already written over a hundred novels. See all the book titles in the Books section.
  • Heart Yngrid was born in May 2006.
  • Now I am self-publishing my novels (July 2020 to present)
  • To get to know me more, visit my personal blog–Whatevah!
  • Buy my books online HERE.


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  Heart Yngrid was one of the first PHR writers that I’ve read and instantly loved. Her book Falling Into You was actually the PHR book that inspired me to write. Swabe lang kasi, hindi pilit, at easy-flowing ang mga story niya. Saktong kilig (minsan sobra pa), saktong tawa, saktong drama. Her heroines are independent and empowered, something that adds a unique spice in her sophisticated and emotional plots. And I have to note that I love her brand of jocks and playboys! Heart Yngrid is like the Philippines’ Sophie Kinsella.

Mary Ruth Baloy, RPm/Writer

  Hi, Ms. Heart! Congrats on your website. It’s very chic. Thanks for sharing more personal things about yourself. It’s high time that more people must know the face and the person behind our favorite SCU. Looking forward to see more SCU stories. New girls….new personality….new adventure.

Arnie Sembrano, Tech Support Specialist

I’ve been cyberfriends with Mommy Ayi way back when she still maintains her Jerry Yan Sheets website. Back when she’s still mad about Jerry while I’m crazy over Zaizai. 🙂 I actually didn’t know she writes romance pocketbooks, until i stumbled upon her work “A Kid For A Wife”. And I saw that she dedicated it to our little group brought together by F4. Hooray! Syempre binili ko un. And since then, whenever i see a book that she has written, bili agad! Un nga lang minsan pag napunta ako ng Precious Pages sa Dasma, out of stock. Nasaan ang hustisya?! Ayun, I hope you write more books Mommy Ayi! And sana magmeet na tayo sooooon! Pa-autograph ako. 🙂

Abigail Joan, Strategic Sourcing Lead