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Hi, guys! This is Heart. Feel free to ask me anything! As long as your questions are answerable and not super duper personal, I will answer them. All you need to do is type in your question. No collection of names and emails. You will get your answer as soon as I log in. Thank you.


Miss, what should I take up on college if I want to be a writer? 5. January 2017

You do not need to take any specific course in college to be able to write a novel. (I took up BS Education in college.) If you want to learn how to write a novel (romance or other genre), you can try participating in PHR’s summer writing workshop or you can self-study (like what I did).

Hi Miss Heart! I just want to ask, where phr writing workshop being hekd every summer, and how much will it cost? Thanks. 5. January 2017

Summer writing workshops are usually held at the Precious Pages’ office in QC. The workshop fee varies every year. More or less 500.

hi po,ask ko lang po kung lang po mahirap bang maging writer at ano po pa ang mga dapat tandaan pag nagsusulat ng mga kwento? 31. December 2016

Mahirap. Kaya kung gusto mong matutong magsulat ng nobela, may writing workshop ang PHR every summer. Matututo ka roon kung paano at kung ano ang mga gusto mo pang malaman tungkol sa pagsusulat.

hi po! I’m a fan of yours, and I like SCU series the most. i just want to know how can i download ebooks of them? 31. December 2016

Hi! You can download PHR ebooks here

hi po, I just want to ask, how can I download phr ebooks? 31. December 2016

Hi! You can download PHR ebooks here

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