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Hi, guys! This is Heart. Feel free to ask me anything! As long as your questions are answerable and not super duper personal, I will answer them. All you need to do is type in your question. No collection of names and emails. You will get your answer as soon as I log in. Thank you.


Ate A, why is that I cannot access your blog? I mean puro dots po kasi ang lumalabas.. 20. February 2016

There has been some issues with the theme I am using for my blog. Sa mobile, sira siya pero sa pc browser, accessible naman siya. But we are trying to fix the issue asap. 🙂

Hi ate Ayi! Ask ko lang po kung bakit di ko po maaccess ang blog niyo. Iba po kasi ang lumalabas puro dots..paano po yun? please reply.thank you???? 20. February 2016

I’m having a problem with the theme that I am using. It is accessible in pc, actually. Sa mobile lang hindi. But we are trying to fix the issue. 🙂

How old are you really? 20. February 2016

I’m turning 25 next month. lol… +10.

How many novels have you written so far? 20. February 2016

97 so far. 1 in SGE. 3 in MSV. 93 in PHR.

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