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Hi, guys! This is Heart. Feel free to ask me anything! As long as your questions are answerable and not super duper personal, I will answer them. All you need to do is type in your question. No collection of names and emails. You will get your answer as soon as I log in. Thank you.


Hi heart how i can read your novel status: single but not available? Thank you 16. August 2021

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Hi heart, i was trying to purchase the ebook of 40days to heaven but it wont push thru may i ask where i can buy the hard copy? 1. July 2019

It is still available in National Bookstores and Precious Pages bookstores. Or you can order online here:

Naka publish po ba yung status: self sufficient 4. June 2019

Yes. Available in bookstores nationwide.

Naka publish po ba yung status: self sufficient 29. April 2019

Yes. Last year pa.

Hi! Where can I buy your books online? It was available in noink app before pero mukhang wala na doon. I’m from abroad and I reaLly like your books. 8. January 2019

For ebooks, you can visit this site to download (via Precious Pages reader app) For physical books, visit this site:

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