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Hi, guys! This is Heart. Feel free to ask me anything! As long as your questions are answerable and not super duper personal, I will answer them. All you need to do is type in your question. No collection of names and emails. You will get your answer as soon as I log in. Thank you.


Hello, po. Ilang books ang St. Catherine University Series? 5. October 2023

All in all 20, but the 2oth book was only published as an e-book. To see all the titles, go to the menu above, point to the Books and look for the Series on the drop-down menu.

Hi Miss Heart! Kumusta po! Are you exclusively self publishing o nagsusulat pa po kayo para sa PHR? God bless you Miss Heart!!! 5. September 2023

Hi! I am currently self-publishing my books. To learn more, please visit my Facebook page or my shop Thank you!

Hi heart, isa po ba kayong plotter or pantser? 11. April 2022


Hi heart how i can read your novel status: single but not available? Thank you 16. August 2021

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Hi heart, i was trying to purchase the ebook of 40days to heaven but it wont push thru may i ask where i can buy the hard copy? 1. July 2019

It is still available in National Bookstores and Precious Pages bookstores. Or you can order online here:

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