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Announcing Heart Yngrid’s First Self-published Book!

Exciting news! Heart Yngrid is about to release her first self-published novel on the last week of July!

Status: Single (But Not For Too Long) is about a serial monogamist’s journey to finding the one that would break the chain but she ends up discovering her true self in the process.

You can now order through Heart Yngrid’s Facebook page. Click HERE to order.

Book Specifications:

  • 5″ x 8″
  • 200 pages
  • Cream paper
  • Matte Cover

Freebies: Bookmark & postcard

Limited freebie: Button pin (for first 120 buyers)

Book Teaser:

I was a serial monogamist. Hindi ako sanay nang walang boyfriend. I felt uncomfortable being alone. I could not stand being loveless. I always wanted to love and be loved. After every breakup, I always managed to get into a new relationship. Kaya nang mag-break kami ng recent boyfriend ko, alam kong hindi magtatagal, magmamahal ulit ako. I could not be single for too long.

I was wrong. Ilang buwan na ang nakakalipas pero wala pa rin akong bagong boyfriend kaya nag-panic na ako. Hindi ako puwedeng pumunta sa school reunion namin nang walang boyfriend. I needed to find myself one, real quick!

But I ended up hiring a fake boyfriend to escort me to the reunion. Well, yes, he was super good-looking but he was not my type. Sino bang babae ang maa-attract sa isang lalaking nagpapabayad para magpanggap na boyfriend? Pero… natagpuan ko na lang ang sarili ko na nafo-fall na sa kanya.

I found myself wanting him to be my real boyfriend. But while pursuing him, I realized a lot of things about myself.

To read the preview, click HERE.

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