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This has to be my second attempt in writing a chicklit (Chick Literature). My first chicklit book is called “A Diary Of A Hopeless Romantic Booboo” published in 2007. And I really enjoyed writing it. That is probably one of the novels that didn’t give me headache while writing it. For me, writing chicklit is like writing a long facebook status, or an entry to your diary, or even like chatting with your best friend where you can say what you want to say, whatever crops up your mind or like having some moments of soliloquies (talking to one’s self). ‘Seems effortless, huh? Well, not really. But the advantage of writing in chicklit style (which usually uses first person POV), is that you’d feel as if you are not writing a novel. In that way, you’ll be able to just write down everything that pops up your mind without following certain guidelines or being mindful of the standard formula of the romance genre.

I associate it with “Freewriting” or the act of writing anything that comes up your mind without thinking how well you write and you’ll just see how it goes and where your imagination had taken you. It’s like adventure to me, or a breather (because I’ve been writing romance for 10 years now). So, it felt so good to write something new, and where I just wrote down everything that came up my mind and surprised myself with how I had managed to pull everything together.

A Romance Novel is about Evelyn, a twenty-eight year-old romance author who had no boyfriend since birth. She has always been a hopeless romantic but at the same time cynical about love because she has been pining for her best boy bud Harry, who remains clueless of her feelings over the years. And while bearing the pain of unrequited love, she has to face her struggles in writing romance. Like, how could someone write love stories with happy ending when one has never tasted love even once?

It will take months before this novel comes out in the bookstores but I’m urging you to grab a copy when it gets published.  Please do come back for teasers and excerpts of this upcoming book that I will be posting soon 🙂

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